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Located 2,600 miles southwest of Hawaii, the National Park of American Samoa is the most remote unit of the National Park System and the U. While remote, the islands of American Samoa, true to the meaning of the word Samoa (Islands of Sacred Earth), are welcoming and offer beautiful landscapes and centuries of culture and history.

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The Park spreads across three islands, 9,500 acres of tropical rainforest, and 4,000 acres of ocean, including coral reefs.

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Henderson Island Pitcairn Islands - pedia

The National Park helps to preserve the unique cultural and natural history of American Samoa.

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The National Park of American Samoa is spread across three volcanic islands—Tutuila, Ta’u, and Ofu—which are part of a larger chain of 17 islands and two atolls that comprise the Samoan Archipelago.Lapita culture - pedia

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